Our solution for better license management

Two key challenges in managing software licenses are data gathering and communication between involved parties. To help organizations of all types and sizes resolve these issues, B-lay created Zyncc: a secure, user-friendly online license management platform that helps you capture the right data and translate it into understandable, useful information.

And when you have the right information within reach, it is easier than ever to manage your software licenses and make informed decisions about your IT resources and spending.

How our tools help you be more efficient and cost-effective

What makes Zyncc such a unique and useful license management tool is its combination of asking the key questions and addressing the right people. The key questions help you discover the best and most relevant data whilst using accurate, non-intrusive methods. Addressing the right people streamlines communication and synchronizes data flow for everyone. Zyncc also provides a central repository to store all this data and communication, making it easy to retrieve a complete license and deployment view of every software product you use.

This approach makes data gathering and communication simple, transparent, and efficient, helping you more effectively manage your licenses and save money. With a license management tool like Zyncc, complex data becomes easy to access, understand, and use. As a secure, self-service platform, Zyncc allows you to maintain complete control and privacy over all your data and systems. Even better, our license management software helps you save money by negating internal audit costs and showing how you can reorganize your license allocations to match entitlement, so you don't have to waste money on additional licenses you don't need.

As per the above overview, B-lay's Baseline License Management (BLM) services and Zyncc are complementary to the existing software discovery tooling (from software vendors or from independent tool vendors) or existing IT Service Management tooling.

Your Zyncc: Your License Management Software 

Our unique solution to communication and data gathering challenges is so effective, flexible, and easy to use that we offer it as a white-label product you can use to close the gap between your company, your distributors, and your end users.

Zyncc has shown to be a proven methodology, available in multiple languages and currently already used by more than 1500 customers, globally.


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