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Be in the driver seat

Undergoing an audit by a software vendor can be stressful for any organization and often ends up with an unexpected exposure that can be prevented. Even if you are compliant, any audit will cost you time, effort and therefore money. You will need to spend time and effort to gather all the information to prove your licensing position. 

B-lay has extensive experience in supporting organizations with software vendor audits. Our services range from audit preparation through conducting a full compliance analysis to advising you on how to negotiate during the audit and get the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization. Our vision is to bring you to the same level as the software vendor which significantly improves your negotiation position.

The following services are included in our software audit services offering:

Audit strategy

When confronted with an audit, the first required action is to develop and implement the most effective audit strategy. We can advise you on how to handle an audit effectively and be in the driver seat instead of following the lead of the vendor. Having the experience and knowledge, B-lay will buy you the required time to perform an internal audit first before sharing any information with the vendor. In case you already received an audit report from a software vendor, indicating that you are non-compliant, B-lay can provide a second opinion and typically bring down the initial financial claim with at least 50%.

Internal audit

As many organizations are uncertain about their compliance position, sharing data with a vendor during an audit often leads to unexpected financial exposure. B-lay will support you in conducting an internal audit first and will guide you through the remediation activities. Using the same methodology as the vendor you can be assured to be in control and prevent any unnecessary financial risks.

Negotiation support services

Based on the results of the (internal) audit, B-lay will provide negotiation support and advice to get you the best possible deal. You can benefit from B-lay’s experience with many audits worldwide. Having the knowledge of how software publishers work and reason during an audit, prevents you from making a deal to regret. Whether you are negotiating a new deal, renewing agreements or have contracts coming up for certification, this is the time to get the terms and conditions that best suit your organization. B-lay can help you determine what is best for your specific situation and advise you on how to conduct the negotiations with your software vendor.


  • Knowledge & experience - know how vendors work and reason during an audit
  • Quality - use the same methodology as software vendors do
  • Cost avoidance - buy required time to identify and remediate financial risks first before sharing any information with the vendor 
  • Cost savings - negotiate the best possible deal  


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