SAM Managed Services

Sound & long-term approach to SAM

Ongoing support gives you the opportunity to stay in control, to validate whether all your SAM activities and policies are effective, and to achieve cost savings. B-lay offers services to leverage the full potential of your SAM tool and provide insight into your compliance position. These services also include a dedicated helpline for all license related questions and all the support needed when confronted with an audit. No more surprises and a complete long-term solution for effective software asset management.

Our SAM Managed Services include:

License entitlement analysis services

Obtain, administer and maintain a complete overview of your entitlement position.  

License deployment & usage analysis services

A complete and accurate view of the installed and/or used software programs.  

License compliance gap analysis services

Identify risks, gaps and possible repairing actions and alternative licensing scenarios.  

Remediation & optimization

Alternative scenarios on how to license, deploy and/or use the software to identify and achieve direct cost avoidance and cost saving opportunities.  

Software audit services

Our services range from audit preparation to advising you on how to negotiate during the audit and get the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization.  

License advisory services

Our knowledge base and experts help you manage all operational affairs around registering and managing software licenses in the SAM environment of your choice or through B-lay's own specialized platform.  


  • Outsourced SAM - let the core of SAM be handled by experts  
  • Continuous control - no surprises anymore in case of a software audit  
  • Transparency - know exactly who is using what, where  
  • Cost avoidance - no financial unknown risks related to your software assets  
  • Cost savings - set the factual basis and start savings costs  


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