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Managing your software licenses means understanding your contracts and understanding your software usage, on an ongoing basis. Our baseline assessment collects all relevant data concerning your current software assets so you can use them more efficiently and effectively. Gathering data from all the key elements of software creates an accurate and reliable representation of your rights, showing you exactly how and for what your assets are being used and what your license compliance position is. This baseline immediately improves operational efficiency and provides a solid foundation from which you can plan for the future, and includes the following phases:

Software Contract Management – In addition to storing documents and knowing how many licenses you have, managing your software entitlements also means knowing the rights, limitations and restrictions of each contract. b.lay helps you to  build and maintain records of your active contracts, rate them against current pricing, identify potential license contracts risks, and track and report relevant changes in licensing or support maintenance policies on an ongoing basis so you can fully enjoy the granted rights of each software asset. 

B.lay can provide you the right advise, should you have plans to merge, acquire or divest a legal entity or in case you want to enter into a (renewal of) an outsourcing agreement.

Software Usage Management  -  There can be a big difference between what software your licenses entitle you to deploy, what software you have actually installed and what software you are also really using. b.lay helps you to provide this clarity by  turning raw software installation and usage data into understandable facts gathered through any available software discovery and/or software usage measurement tool, including different SAM/License Management Tools and existing infrastructure and IT Service Management tools. This software baseline immediately improves operational efficiency and provides a solid foundation from which you can plan for the future. 

Software Compliance Management – The difference between your software license entitlement and your software license deployment provides you your software compliance position. During this phase we will take into consideration the currently known allocation of your licenses or, if any license allocation is lacking, b.lay will support you in the most cost effective license allocation. In this phase, a comparison will be made between the entitlement and deployment and will provide you a financial analysis of the investments made. In addition, b.lay can provide you support on resolving any of the identified compliance issues. 

Software License Optimization – Once the Software Compliance status has been established, different license optimization scenarios can be created. B.lay and its partners are specialized in providing license optimization advices for the short term solutions (quick fixes) or the longer term ( e.g. a redesign of the IT architecture.

Software Audit Support – Whether you’re due for a vendor audit or want to carry out compliance reviews yourself, b.lay can help. We support and assist you during the audit, provide training so you can do it yourself, offer an unbiased second opinion, complete technical analysis of third-party tools, and more.

Software Licensing Training – In order to increase or maintain the licensing knowledge of the major software vendors, b.lay provides software licensing trainings for all major software vendors. The trainings are tailored to the needs of Software Asset or Software License Managers, Technical Staff and IT architects that have a specific need to update their licensing knowledge.

Software License Management Tooling – The biggest problems we see our clients have with license management is poor contract management, communication, data gathering, data analysis and reporting. To help them, we created a unique platform, called Zyncc TM that enables you to collect the relevant contract information (“Zyncc – Contract Management”), to collect the relevant data and communicate with the people responsible for it both inside and outside your organization (“Zyncc – Workflow Management”) and to analyze the collected data and create reliable reports on the data (“Zyncc – Data Analysis Engine”). Our licensing management tooling is complementary to the major existing license management tooling of software vendors, independent third party tool vendors and IT Service Management tooling services. The use of ZynccTM helps you to manage your software assets cost-effective and efficient.

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