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knowing what you can do with your software licenses!

Monitoring your active contracts with software publishers can be just another item on your software compliance to-do list, but done right, effective contract management helps you maximize the cost effectiveness of your resources and fully enjoy your software entitlements. With b.lay as your trusted license management partner, you can benefit from your rights, not just fear your licenses' restrictions.

Software contract management means more than simply storing documents and knowing how many licenses you have for each software product. At its core, it means knowing your software rights and limitations, usage, and cost, so you can make the most of your resources. b.lay tracks all this information for you and makes it easily accessible to everyone in your organization, ensuring compliance with software licensing agreements and increasing the cost effectiveness of your resources.

Our unique contract management solution keeps track of all the details of your contracts and reports the data to you regularly, so you always have the latest data to help you make the best decisions about your software investments.

Track Active Contracts - We monitor the crucial details, including the number of licenses per contract, the listed rights and restrictions of each, the upcoming expiring support maintenance contracts (to ensure an effective support maintenance renewal) and make sure all this information is quickly and easily available to anyone in your organization who needs it.

Compare Contract Pricing - Next, we regularly rate your active contracts against the vendors current pricing. Keeping up-to-date on pricing helps you get the best edition for your money and usage needs and plan an effective IT budget.

Track Licensing and Product Changes - Finally, we watch for changes in each software suppliers licensing policies, support maintenance policies and product changes and alert you about the news as soon as possible. This means, you always know what your rights and restrictions are as soon as they change, so you remain compliant with your licenses and can make fast, informed choices.

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