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The only way to ensure your company remains compliant with software licensing agreements is to perform a software audit. Whether you run these compliance checks yourself or are subjected to a vendor’s audit, audit support services from a premier license management provider like b.lay can make the process less costly and much smoother.

Like taxes, software audits are a certainty for every business, and just as unwelcome. Vendor audits have steadily increased over the last decade and will likely continue to do so as software publishers seek to protect their rights and ensure full payment for their intellectual property. If you’re not prepared, vendor software audits can tie up your IT resources for up to one year, costing you a huge amount of lost time, money, and productivity. That’s why every IT manager and operations executive needs a trusted audit support provider like b.lay—to provide some peace of mind and help reduce the financial and efficiency losses associated with software audits.

We offer a range of individual and complete audit support solutions to fit your unique situation, whether you’re responding to a software publisher’s audit or want to carry out an internal compliance review.

Vendor Audit preparation and support - In addition to costing you time, money, and productivity, a vendor software audit requires the hassle and headache of gathering and reporting a lot of complex data to prove your compliance. Audit support from b.lay helps you prepare for and get through an audit by assisting you in understanding your entitlements and limitations, finding the right data quickly, and making the data easy to access and share. Through this service, B.lay continuously keeps an eye on and supports you in addressing your concerns with regards to the confidentiality and security of your data

Independent compliance audit - Like getting a second opinion from a different doctor, audit support from an independent third-party like b.lay can be useful for proving your company’s compliance. By creating a reliable and accurate report of the facts, b.lay shows software publishers where they’re wrong about your usage—eliminating the likelihood of litigation and reducing your costs. In the event of non-compliance, this accurate usage report can also be useful in litigation settlements.

Staff training for internal compliance review - Periodic internal reviews not only help you remain compliant, they also help you avoid vendor audits and show you any gaps between entitlements and deployment. We train your staff on what data to gather for compliance reviews, where to pull it from, the best ways to gather it, and how to report it so management can use it.

Technical analysis - For busy IT departments who don’t have the time or training to perform an internal audit completely on their own, b.lay’s audit support team can perform the technical analysis of your licenses and usage data for you. Then you can use the data any way you like, whether you just want to know the numbers or compare it to your software entitlements as part of an audit.

Complete external audit - All our audit support services combined equal a completely outsourced software audit package that saves you time, money, and the headache of doing it all yourself.

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