Why you can’t ignore software licensing during a merger or acquisition - webinar

During a merger or acquisition (M&A), software license inventory and compliance are often a low priority. But the legal and financial risks of noncompliance can be steep. With your chances of an audit increasing after a merger or acquisition, you could be facing millions of dollars of unanticipated software expenses.

Join SCG and B-Lay for an interactive webinar on how to effectively manage software licensing costs and compliance risks during an M&A transaction. Learn how to avoid the legal and financial risks, save costs and stay in control of your software investments 

Key topics include:
• Common software licensing pitfalls during an M&A transaction
• Financial and operational risks of ignoring software assets and how to avoid them
• How to exit a deal with improved cost structure and better understanding of the assets you control

Date 7 December 2017

Time 17:30 - 18:30


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