SCG & B-lay webinar "Navigating the Oracle audit process and the risks of adopting Oracle’s cloud products"

Oracle’s use of software license audits to drive revenue are well-documented. As companies continue to report an increase in frequency of these audits that often result in huge audit fees, companies are feeling pressured to adopt Oracle’s “cloud” products in lieu of payment to fulfill audit requirements. Knowing how to effectively navigate the Oracle audit process is key to coming out on top. 

Join SCG and B-lay for an interactive webinar on what you need to know to effectively navigate the Oracle audit process. We’ll uncover the truth about the cloud resolution and provide tips to manage the complexity of your Oracle license to prevent common compliance issues. 
Key topics: 

  • Navigating the Oracle audit process
  • The real deal behind Oracle’s cloud products 
  • Common compliance issues
  • How to reduce audit risk
  • License management tips 
  • Strategies for controlling and optimizing costs

Date 15 June 2017

Time 17:30 - 18:30


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