Partner event - Windows Server 2016 Licensing Transition Readiness

Our partner Emerset Consulting Group is pleased to invite you to join one of our free webinars about Oracle® and Microsoft® Licensing, Audits and SAM Engagements; followed by a Q&A session.

Expert Session:

Mr. Daryl Ullman, Co-Founder and Chief Consulting Officer Emerset Consulting Group Inc.
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March 29 EST 11AM CET 5PM

Objectives (What the Audience will take away from webinar)

  • Data gathering of deployment information
  • Cross reference and license allocation of entitlements to deployment data
  • Compliance position per current processor metric
  • Compliance position per new core metric
  • Non-compliance mitigation and optimization strategies
  • Transition plan and optimization plan if compliant

Date 29 March 2016

Time 17:00 - 18:00


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