B-lay Webinar Are you in control of your Oracle E-Business Suite licenses?

B-lay webinar - An Expertsession about the most common license compliance issues.

Many enterprises make use of Oracle software. The attention required for managing the licenses and deployment of these software programs properly is often underestimated. This is not different for the management of Oracle’s E-Business Suite software programs.

In this Expertsession we will address the most common Oracle E-Business Suite compliance issues. These are based upon the experience of the last 15 years, in which we worked with organizations that make use of the Oracle E-Business Suite programs and that either went through an Oracle License Review or an Oracle License Audit. 

Target audience
Software Asset Managers, Software Licensing Specialists, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, IT Procurement/Purchasing


Date 20 May 2015

Time 15:00 - 16:00


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