Oracle database
compliance health check

Quick and easy insight into your Oracle Database estate

You think you are 100% in control of your
Oracle Database licenses?

Are you making use of any database options and/or database management packs?

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80% of Oracle's audits reveal unexpected usage of unlicensed database options and/or management packs.


Are you making use of any virtualization technologies?

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75% of Oracle's audits reveal non-compliance issues due to the use of technologies such as VMware, Sun Solaris Zones, IBM LPAR, etc.


Are you making use of a SAM tool?

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None of the available tools (including Oracle Verified Tools) provide a complete and accurate license compliance position.


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Start mitigating financial risks

Take away uncertainties and start mitigating the financial risks:

  • Insight - get insight into the financial risks you may encounter within your Oracle Database instances
  • Cost avoidance – get an indication on reduction potential for identified license compliance risks
  • Cost savings - recommendations on next steps to optimize your licensing position

How it works

  1. Preparation

    A simple assessment is set up for you in our online platform Zyncc.

  2. Login

    You will be provided with login credentials.

  3. Data gathering

    Upload your latest support maintenance renewal document(s), run a simple query on your Oracle Database instances and upload the output.

  4. Analysis

    We will create a clear, complete and accurate picture of the database editions, versions, options and management packs installed, used and those required to be licensed.

  5. Findings

    You will receive an analysis report and a management summary of our findings and recommendations.

  6. Walk-through

    An expert will walk you through the findings and potential risks. You will receive recommendations on next steps for remediation and optimization.

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Oracle Database
Compliance Health Check

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