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B-lay helps organizations effectively use and manage their software assets with practical solutions and services. The wow factor is not our clients, not our solutions, and not even our office (although all are very cool). Key to us are our people. They learn, become experts and make B-lay.

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Our Values & Principles

At B-lay, we act with honesty, integrity, fairness and respect. We provide a helping hand to our partners and customers, and work together to achieve the best solutions for everyone involved with enthusiasm and creativity. We are driven to simplify complexity.

Our work environment

We believe in quality through focus, but focus does not mean the same for everyone. Our offices are playfully designed to bring out the best in individuals and working groups. There are spaces for one or more, as well as conference rooms. There are areas to reload your focus, to step away from the subject, to socialize, relax and play. The finest technical facilities help you get work done.

Who you work with?

Being an only child, Andra spent much of her time as a young girl entertaining herself with fine arts, especially music, listening to it several hours every day. She considers music (jazz, blues, soul, R&B, hip-hop) and its culture to be a lifelong adventure, an infinite possibility of combinations to discover and delight.

Her activities and interests are not just centered on music, however. Thanks to the rapid growth of the Internet, she also became very interested in online advertising/media and viral marketing. She is currently attending a professional Online Marketing course. Andra is currently experiencing some of the best moments of her life working at B-lay, because everyday is a challenge and this is where she finds her motivation. Going through challenges, learning new things everyday, using creativity in order to increase productivity: these are what she considers as her main drivers in life.

Who you work with?

Alexandru has a crazy passion for technology and dreams about creating something some day that will help at making the world a better place or even a new world at all. Alexandru always speaks his mind, even if that might raise some eyebrows. You will rather see him start a discussion about the aliens and their technology than one about cars or football.

At B-lay he found the perfect environment for learning and also the freedom to organize work the way he wants to. That’s a nice thing to have at a place where you spend most of your time. It also gives him the freedom to create, from new connections to new ways to make work easier.




Who you work with?

Andrei's work at B-lay is mainly driven by his interest in working with technical tools such as programming languages, tools for statistical analysis and mathematical models for machine learning. He strongly believes that technology can lead to improvements for human society. Andrei is also driven by the satisfaction he gets from telling a compelling story to others about tools and technology.

Andrei feels he found the right environment for this at B-lay and is pleasantly surprised to be offered experiences which open his mind to new values and possibilities

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