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The devil is in the details with VMware audits

The devil is in the details with VMware audits

24 may '18 - Roxana Zegrean

It is said that in this world nothing is certain, except for death and taxes. But, as license management experts, we can tell you that software audits are a certainty as well. You might hope and keep your fingers crossed for the publishers to skip your organization, but that’s not how it works and if there is something to worry about, this will definitely not help. Properly managing your software licenses, on the other hand, is the action you would want to take.

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Roxana is our software entitlement specialist focused on the education of clients on licensing issues with Oracle, SAP and Microsoft.

In her role, she works with customers to assist them in understanding and improving their Software Environment by reviewing their software license agreements and provide them advice regarding legal and financial risks.

"Do your best until you know better.  Then do better!" – Maya Angelou

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