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How SAP Software defines Proof of Entitlement

How SAP Software defines Proof of Entitlement

03 aug '17 - Roxana Zegrean

Software audit reviews are not a secret to anyone and every large organization has at least one per year or even one per year per vendor. In the case of SAP, its audits are performed, on average, on an annual basis, so if you're using SAP programs, you most probably will face or already faced an SAP audit this year. 

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Roxana has started working in the Software Licensing industry recently, performing license compliance analyses in our contract analyses team.

She has a background in Law and Communication and she is eager to contribute to the licensing community by sharing best practices and insights on License Compliance issues and SAM in a friendly, non-technical language. In doing this, Roxana aims to  bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences.

Roxana holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master degree in Communication.

"Do your best until you know better.  Then do better!" – Maya Angelou

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