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Why I switched from IBM to B-lay

Why I switched from IBM to B-lay

12 jun '18 - Randy Bal

After having worked for IBM Software Group Lab Services for almost 7 years, I switched to B-lay in December last year. Perhaps a striking step for some: why would you trade one of the largest software vendors in the world for a relatively small service provider in the field of license management?

About Randy


Randy is our Software Compliance License Analyst and he specializes on IBM Software. He brings an in-depth technical experience from his previous role in IBM Cloud Lab Services where he designed and implemented Cloud solutions.


This enables him to understand the technical and financial impact of a software license agreement and support customers to be in control of their license deployments

"There is still a lot to learn and there is always great stuff out there." - Robin Williams

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M +31-6-156-10-157


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