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Reliable data – the basis of any SAM activity

Reliable data – the basis of any SAM activity

22 mar '18 - Mark van Wolferen

More and more organizations see the value of software asset management (SAM) and the SAM service sector is growing accordingly. A recent proof of the maturity of the field is the “Market Guide for Software Asset Management Managed Service Providers” published by Gartner. This report shows why the demand for SAM service providers will increase even more. The main reason: reliable data.

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Mark is founder of b.lay the license management company. Mark uses the knowledge of 11 years in Oracle License Management Services (LMS) to make software licensing and managing compliance more transparent. Mark holds a bachelor degree in Company Economics and IT from the Hogeschool Enschede in The Netherlands.


"Do not just think out of the box, step out of the box and take control of the box itself."

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