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Andra Tarata

Andra has been working in the Software Licensing industry for the last 8 years, analyzing and understanding licensing business practices & product development from multiple software vendors and helping clients to better manage their software entitlements.

Andra leverages her experiences of working within Oracle’s License Management Services team to educate, equip and enable end-users to understand their enterprise software license entitlements. Andra holds a bachelor degree in Project Management from the National School of Political and Administrative Studies of Bucharest.


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Richard Spithoven

Richard Spithoven is one of the partners at B-lay. Richard brings more than thirteen years of relevant license management experience to his role having previously served as regional director of compliance at Oracle.

Richard uses his knowledge of the last decade in Oracle License Management Services to educate, equip and enable software end-users in their challenges with regards to proper software license management.

Richard holds a master degree in IT, from the University of Amsterdam in The Netherlands.

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"Understanding the facts enables you to make informed business decisions"

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+40 745 593 678


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