2017 ITAM Review Excellence Award Nominations

17 oct '17 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

The ITAM Review Excellence Awards are back for the third year in a row. We are very proud that our own Richard Spithoven is nominated as Licensing Specialist of the Year 2017. We are also very pleased to see some of our partners, such as Snow Software and ITAM Solutions, amongst the nominations.   

The annual ITAM Review Excellence Awards gathers together the pioneers in the licensing industry. It celebrates the achievements of ITAM professionals, service providers, technology vendors and specialists who not just keep the industry up and running, but also lead it to a better version each year.


The winners of the “Tool Provider of the Year” and “Partner of the Year” awards will be decided by public vote.


I’m honored to be nominated as Licensing Specialist of the Year 2017 at the ITAM Review Excellence Awards. Sometimes we might think that the job we are doing is not visible to everyone and its benefits are not that easily spotted, but the ITAM Review Excellence Awards and other similar events prove us the opposite. I’m glad to see how the industry evolved over the past years and I hope it will become even bigger and better in the coming years - Richard Spithoven


The winners will be revealed at the ITAM Review 2017 Gala Dinner on 10th November 2017 at Lillibrooke Manor in Maidenhead, UK.

You can find more information about the ITAM Review Excellence Awards on the ITAM Review website.

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure

The required number of licenses for Oracle’s Database programs are (almost) at all times related to the hardware infrastructure on which the software is installed. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of whether the software is deemed to be installed and how the installed software should be licensed in a certain specific hardware infrastructure is by far the number 1 license compliance issue. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure


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