Oracle MySQL – Free vs. Commercial

19 jan '17 - Andra Tarata - share: LinkedIN Mail

MySQL software programs are both available through the open source (or General Public License) licensing model and through a commercial licensing model.

The deployment and usage of the MySQL software programs under the open source or GPL license model means that the user is free to use the programs, change the programs and redistribute the programs with or without changes. The source code of the software is open and can be adjusted and/or changed up to the likings of the end user.  Any changes that are made to the source code must however be made publicly available to all other end users of the open source MySQL software programs. End users or solution providers that wish to distribute or use the GPL version of the MySQL version should comply to the GPL terms and conditions.

Organizations that do not want to share the source code because of competition reasons or do not want to rely upon community boards for support on technical issues, typically would want to obtain a commercial license agreement with Oracle.

MySQL is available via commercial offerings as subscription basis, embedded software license and application specific full use license.

In our latest white paper “Oracle MySQL – Free vs. Commercial” you will find insights and requirements for the different types of MySQL licenses.

In our next blog post we will talk about “Oracle MySQL – Editions and pricing”.

Our new white paper format is really mobile friendly, so you can easily read it on your tablet or mobile phone. 

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Oracle MySQL - Free vs. commercial

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