B-lay rewarded with an FD Gazellen award for two consecutive years

16 nov '16 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

On the 15th of November the FD Gazellen Awards took place in Deventer, the Netherlands. Following an award in 2015 B-lay has again been rewarded this year. On behalf of B-lay managing partners Heidy Goyens and Patrick de Veer attended the event. In a packed Deventer theatre 169 companies were handed an award.

The FD Gazellen award is an initiative of the Dutch financial publication “Financieele Dagblad”. Awards are given to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands based on consistent revenue growth of at least 20% over the last three years and the overall financial soundness of the company.

We are very pleased with this great team effort and would like to thank our customers for their collaboration and confidence. It is our ambition to continue to grow significantly over the next few years.  

Visit https://fd.nl/fd4home/ondernemen/1175747/fd-gazellen-2016  for more information.


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