Licensing JD Edwards: Prerequisite products

07 jun '16 - : Andrei Agavriloaiei & Gabriel Dragoi - share: LinkedIN Mail

Many of the JD Edwards products sold by Oracle have other products as “pre-requisites”. This means that in case you want to make use of a certain piece of software, you are also required to license another piece of software.

Examples include:

  • System Foundation is a prerequisite for all JD Edwards modules.
  • Core Tools and Infrastructure is a prerequisite for all JD Edwards modules.
  • Service Management Foundation is a prerequisite for Service Management.
  • Service Management Foundation is a prerequisite for Capital Asset Management.
  • CRM Foundation is a prerequisite for Case Management.
  • etc.

An issue we often encounter is that many organizations own licenses for certain modules but not for the prerequisites, or they own a lower number of licenses for the prerequisite than for the “main” module. This may be caused by an incorrect license migration when moving from one pricing model to another.

Nonetheless, remediation for this issue is simple. First, always understand the dependencies between JD Edwards modules. Secondly, make sure the number of licenses you own for System Foundation and Core Tools and Infrastructure matches the total number of authorized users. Finally, ensure that the number of licenses for prerequisite products matches the number for the “main” module.

In our next article, we will talk about licensing JD Edwards Blue Stack or Red Stack for Core Tools and Infrastructure. More information can also be found in our latest white paper “JD Edwards – License Compliance Risks”. Our new white paper format is mobile friendly, so you can easily read it on your tablet or mobile phone.

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