What triggers a software audit? – Learn more at the “IT & Software Asset Management conference”

19 feb '16 - Richard Spithoven - share: LinkedIN Mail

The common practice is that every end-user is on average audited by a software vendor or one of its partners once every 3-4 years. Software vendors of database and middleware software (e.g. IBM and Oracle) apply this average, since they know that end-users will renew their hardware every 3 to 4 years which typically implicates a requirement to procure additional licenses. Software vendors of application software typically apply a more regular frequency, due to the fluctuations in user populations.

Of course there are other events or scenarios under which you may be singled out. If your organization appears to be under-reporting usage, for example, or you have been part of a widely publicized merger or acquisition(s), these events may cause the licensor to investigate.

Learn more about possible risks of an audit and join us on March 22. At the request of Insight Enterprises, B-lay director Richard Spithoven will explain how organizations should manage their software licenses at this year’s IT & Software Asset Management conference.

In his break-out session, Richard will focus on software compliance from an audit risk perspective. At B-lay, on an almost daily basis, we meet clients who are insufficiently aware of the way a software publisher views his customers. Due to lack of understanding organizations may be a clear audit target without the responsible people even knowing!

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Expert session: Oracle E-Business Suite license metrics analyzed


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