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21 jan '16 - Anamaria Avram - share: LinkedIN Mail

2016 clearly is a landmark year for Siebel CRM software. Exactly ten years ago, Oracle Corporation acquired the then already successful Siebel Systems company. Fast forward: a brand new generation of Siebel technology will be released in the first half of this year with Innovation Pack 2016 (aka Siebel 16) and associated features. This will make the software even more business agile and competitive. Wrapping it up: Oracle Siebel has become a full-fledged CRM platform, ready to be enriched with any variety of cloud services you might wish to add. 

The huge popularity of the original Siebel Systems software – pioneer in the CRM field – led Oracle to acquire the company in 2006. License-wise though, many things have thoroughly changed after that. In the separate concise sections of our new white paper, B-lay's experts address many of the common issues for organizations to avoid in the context of non-compliance and financial risk.

Foundational license domains   
In short and to get to the point, the main foundational domains for organizations to become compliant and in control of their Siebel CRM software license management are:

  • Obtaining the proper License Keys;
  • Legacy Pricing and Metrics vs. new policies;
  • Intricacies of Authorization and Responsibilities;
  • Professional or Enterprise Edition of the software;
  • External and Internal Applications;
  • Concurrency and the Processor metric;
  • and last but not least Custom Views.

In 2015, the Siebel customer base grew 20%       
2015 Was quite an amazing year. It saw a 20% increase of the Siebel customer base, an extraordinary rise by all measures. The commonly agreed seven hallmarks of a bright future for Oracle Siebel CRM in servicing a broad range of existing and new enterprises are: versatility, low cost, reliability, top performance, standards-based design, complete compatibility and always-on security.

Customer Intimacy, Product Leadership, Operational Excellence
Siebel today ranks high among software solutions and suites targeting the Customer Relationship Management processes and practices that are of great value to companies. Customer intimacy (CRM) together with product leadership (innovation) and operational excellence (business process improvement) are commonly hailed as the three keys to entrepreneurial success.

To conclude:     
Siebel CRM is a software solution that can provide a lot of benefits to your business, but  requires a lot of in-depth knowledge and expertise to ensure that it is properly licensed. Any Siebel end-user not being audited before, in 99% of the cases has a license compliance issue.

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If you are in need of specialist knowledge, a structured license administration and software license management approach, feel free to contact B-lay or see our webinar - Siebel CRM - The most common license compliance issues seen.


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