Oracle Database - Most common compliance issues – Webinar Video

23 nov '15 - Richard Spithoven - share: LinkedIN Mail

On November 12, B-lay director Richard Spithoven hosted another live and interactive online expert session on the intruiging topic of Oracle Database License Management Issues. In case you weren’t able to attend, you will find the full recording in this article.

In addition, you can read the accompanying white paper that presents and discusses Oracle Database software compliance at length.

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Oracle Database - The most common license compliance issues seen

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B-lay is a company of seasoned experts who deal with software license compliance issues everyday, some of us already for over 15 years. Instead of investing in staff and knowledge completely by yourself we can onboard you into a fully operational continuous license management program in less then 3 months and, that is based on and tailored to the specific demands of your company from the first moment of engagement on.

If you are in need of extra expertise and a structured approach, feel free to contact B-lay. We will help you make software compliance an exciting opportunity to improve your business!

Self Audit for Compliance with Zyncc

Ongoing license control is difficult to achieve, but periodic self audits can help you stay in control, remain compliant, and stay one step ahead of software publishers. Conducting these audits requires sound understanding of common mistakes and where to look for them. This can be especially challenging in a continually changing environment with new products and versions of products being deployed.

Self Audit for Compliance with Zyncc


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