Webinar Oracle E-Business Suite on March 20 at 16:00 CET

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Do you want to learn more about Oracle's E-Business Suite? Please join our free online expert session on March 20. One hour of consultancy to understand what different steps will be followed by Oracle License Management Services during an audit, what licensing rules and definitions should be taken into account, and more…

Please join our online consult via the Expertezed platform:

  • Expert Session by Tudor Stoenescu and Richard Spithoven
  • Subject: Oracle E-Business Suite
  • DATE: March 20th 15:00 CET
  • Location: from your desk! Online via www.expertezed.com
  • For whom?: Software Asset Managers, Software Licensing Specialists, Chief Information Officers, Chief Financial Officers, IT Procurement/Purchasing  

Tudor Stoenescu and Richard Spithoven are two of the Oracle experts of B-lay specialized in Software License Management Services. They use their knowledge of the last decade in Oracle License Management Services to educate, equip and enable software end-users in their challenges with regards to professional software license management. This support is focused around providing clarity on your software license agreements, helping you to determine what software programs are installed and/or used, what your current license compliance position is and what financial, operational and/or legal risks you may face.

B-lay has published a number of articles on www.b-lay.com proving end users insight in the do’s and don’t with regards to enterprise software licensing. One of the latest articles is about the Answers to your Top 20 questions about an Oracle License Review or Oracle License Audit. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure

The required number of licenses for Oracle’s Database programs are (almost) at all times related to the hardware infrastructure on which the software is installed. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of whether the software is deemed to be installed and how the installed software should be licensed in a certain specific hardware infrastructure is by far the number 1 license compliance issue. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure


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