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25 jun '13 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

How satisfied are companies with their SAM tools? In a recent article posted by the DataCenter Journal numbers are shared. Read our view.

Although the research focused on desktop products and only sampled a relatively small number of companies, it is indeed interesting to review the numbers. Based on my experience, I feel that tools for organizing enterprise software might score even lower satisfaction rates.

That being said, software compliance and  license management (comparing entitlements to deployment is still license management) is not just about tools, although many people think it is. Instead of thoroughly assessing the problem, too many IT departments spend money and time implementing some SAM tools and then contninue dealing with their pet stuff like architecture, security, and office politics. Only to find out that in the end they still need external consulting to answer the bottom line question: “Does my company have a license management issue and how should that be solved?”

License management is primarily about the financial risk of compliance. Tools can help, but only if the risk justifies the investment. This needs to be assessed and quantified accurately, and any investments should be managed accordingly. Assessing risk properly is often much cheaper than buying a tool, it offers better insight and higher satisfaction. That knowledge is key with the question on the table whether or not it is worthwhile to invest in tools just for license management.

Good tooling definitely is great and can provide helpful information and insight, but it should be considered an option, not the solution!

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure

The required number of licenses for Oracle’s Database programs are (almost) at all times related to the hardware infrastructure on which the software is installed. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of whether the software is deemed to be installed and how the installed software should be licensed in a certain specific hardware infrastructure is by far the number 1 license compliance issue. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure


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