Is SAM a SAM Tool?

12 may '13 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

BusinessNews Daily recently posted an article on making the case for SAM. It is a shame the focus is on SAM tools, as SAM certainly is not equal to simply buying a SAM tool.

The focus on tools is understandable given the role of the author, and for many desktop software products SAM is largely dependent on implementing a tool. Enterprise software however is a totally different story. Nevertheless, the issues mentioned in the article are very topical. It would not be the first time B-lay has come to the rescue when a significant investment was made in tools, data is being collected and the customers asks “now what?” Also oftentimes the faithfully collected data does not meet the requirements of the software publisher or are simply false.

SAM tools can have a crucial role in a SAM program. Both for desktop and enterprise software. When dealing with enterprise software, a SAM tool should not be your first priority. Tools can help you improve the process, collect better data, faster, more efficient. That builds the business case for tool acquisition and will typically be backed by financial data from organizations that went the same path successfully. The business case for executives to start investing in managing (enterprise) software is also financial, however the business components are very different.

The article is a good read as it provides insight in some important issues you may encounter considering tooling to support your SAM program.

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure

The required number of licenses for Oracle’s Database programs are (almost) at all times related to the hardware infrastructure on which the software is installed. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of whether the software is deemed to be installed and how the installed software should be licensed in a certain specific hardware infrastructure is by far the number 1 license compliance issue. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure


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