End User Testimonial - Weir Minerals Benelux

10 oct '11 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

"Developing technological advanced pumping systems is our core business. B-lay has been essential in taking care of our Oracle licensing, and helped us not to worry."

Axel Schings

IT Manager at Weir Minerals Benelux

Weir Minerals’ comprehensive portfolio of high performance pumps and superior minerals processing equipment is designed and manufactured to meet the highest specifications – for robust and reliable use in the world’s most demanding environments. This is all backed up by an outstanding service and support program – including installation and commissioning, equipment monitoring, emergency repairs, on-site or in-shop servicing, engineering consultancy, customer training and asset management expertise. With packaged solutions from Weir Minerals, you can be assured of engineering excellence at all times.

Software licensing, and especially enterprise software licensing, is a vital part of our services; We already understood that software licensing is complex and that establishing continuous software compliance requires in-depth expertise. B-lay was key to provide a solid insight in your license and deployment situation, technically and financially. The insight B-lay provided allowed us to keep cost efficient, but also creates the business case for ensuring to be in control in the future. During the inventory process B-lay used their solution Zyncc, a single, secure platform where our organization could provide relevant information in a fast and accurate manner. The data returned was reconciled by B-lay according to the rules and restrictions of the agreements. It allowed us to exchange this reporting with Oracle with confidence. Zyncc helped to realize the information delivery within the very tight deadlines we have given B-lay.

About Weir Minerals Netherlands B.V.

Weir Minerals delivers end-to-end solutions for all mining, transportation, milling, processing and waste management activities. They are specialists in delivering and supporting a wide range of slurry equipment solutions, including pumps, valves, hydrocyclones, wear-resistant linings and de-watering products.

Weir Minerals Netherlands develops, designs and manufactures technological advanced pumping systems under the trade names GEHO (piston, piston diaphragm and hose diaphragm pumps) and WARMAN (axial flow pumps). The service centre of Weir Minerals Netherlands is both locally and internationally engaged in the revision and repair of BEGEMANN, WARMAN, ROTO-JET and all other makes of centrifugal pumps. Service activities include f.e. design advice, turn-key project implementation, education and training programs. emergency service, maintenance contracts, total cost management, on-site repairs or at the well-equipped workshop, pump modifications, technical support during failures and plant standstills, safety and environmental solutions.

Weir Minerals is committed to delivering market-leading products and services. Our whole project, whole process solutions are designed to meet both the technical and commercial challenges of customers operating within the global mining and minerals processing industry.

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