End User Testimonial - City of Haarlem

14 mar '11 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

"Facts power our decision making on Oracle and JDE. Strategically and in everyday operations B-lay leveraged our investments: quickly, accurate and insightful."

Joep Kint

Haarlem, Capital City of North-Holland, The Netherlands

As we were about to go through a strategic consolidation of our data center we needed to understand what the implications would be to our licensing position with Oracle.

B-lay was able to quickly and efficiently gather and analyse the facts around our Oracle technology entitlement and deployment and provide insight into future scenarios. During the process they also handled an Oracle JDEdwards review requested by Oracle. Without delay we are able to include this analysis in our data center strategy to the benefit of the City Council. It helped us to communicate with Oracle in an effective manner.

About the City of Haarlem:

Haarlem is  the capital city of the province of North-Holland. By the end of 2010, Haarlem had a total population of 150,611. For more information www.haarlem.nl

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