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05 oct '10 - Mark van Wolferen - share: LinkedIN Mail

"To maximize the cost efficiencies of modern IT infrastructures we are convinced that a company like B-lay is vital to empower you with control and insight."

Ton Arrachart

Staff Manager Information Technology at Van Oord

At Van Oord we believe in good and healthy business relations. This includes paying for what you use, like we expect our customer to pay for the services we provide. The IT industry is characterized by a large number of software suppliers/distributors and wide variety of products and services. In software licensing, and especially enterprise software licensing, all IT choices are vital; hardware, infrastructure and project demands. Further technological enhancements happen on an ongoing basis.

This makes software licensing complex and treacherous and establishing continuous software compliance near to impossible. Companies like B-lay are vitial to ensure we keep control and insight, especially when IT is not your companies core business. The insight they provide allows us to remain cost efficient, and also creates the business case to use today’s technology in an effective manner.

About Van Oord:

Van Oord is a Dutch based world-wide operating dredging, marine and offshore contractor. Van Oord has realized many infrastructural projects throughout the world like the artificial islands Palm Jumeirah and The World in Dubai. The company is a partner in the construction of Maasvlakte 2, the Rotterdam port expansion project in the Netherlands. For more information please visit www.vanoord.com.

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure

The required number of licenses for Oracle’s Database programs are (almost) at all times related to the hardware infrastructure on which the software is installed. Incorrect interpretation or understanding of whether the software is deemed to be installed and how the installed software should be licensed in a certain specific hardware infrastructure is by far the number 1 license compliance issue. 

Oracle Database and hardware infrastructure


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