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B-lay unburdens you from software asset management challenges

Software Compliance Review Services

Risk control, cost savings 
and cost avoidance

Whether you feel you have your affairs in order and just want to know of any potential risks or you want to get a full understanding of your compliance position and benefit from optimization and remediation advice, we have a range of services to meet your needs.  Read more

Software Audit Services 

Be in the driver seat

Our services range from audit preparation through conducting a full compliance analysis to advising you on how to negotiate during the audit and get the best and most cost-effective solution for your organization. Our vision is to bring you to the same level as the software vendor which significantly improves your negotiation position. Read more

SAM Managed Services

Sound & long-term approach 
to SAM

Ongoing support gives you the opportunity to stay in control, to validate whether all your SAM activities and policies are effective, and to achieve cost savings. B-lay offers services to leverage the full potential of your SAM tool and provide insight into your compliance position. These services also include a dedicated helpline for all license related questions and all the support needed when confronted with an audit. No more surprises and a complete long-term solution for effective software asset management. Read more


Our solution for better 
license management

Zyncc was created by B-lay to help organizations resolve two key challenges in managing software licenses: data gathering and communication between involved parties. Zyncc is a secure, user-friendly online license management platform that helps you capture the right data and translate it into understandable, useful information. And when you have the right information within reach, it is easier than ever to manage your software licenses and make informed decisions about your IT resources and spending. Read more

What B-lay does for you

There are several ways B-lay can help you make the most of your software assets. We specialize in baseline and ongoing license management, as well as assessments and audit support, for all software suppliers.

Our main objectives:

  • Simplify IT Asset Management (ITAM) information for all parties who are affected by the lack of transparency in the IT market.
  • Provide business value based on the simplification of ITAM information. If we are not able to provide a simple overview, we will work as long as it takes to provide an understandable situation.
  • Drive innovation through quality improvement.

Top 5
License Management Issues

  • Lack of financial control due to licensing risks
  • Assurance on trust not on facts
  • Gap of interpretation of granted rights between procurement and IT departments.
  • Absence of fact based software discovery
  • Inadequate contract management


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B-lay believes that if you “share before you gain” you can accomplish more than by just adhering to convention. 

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"We decided to use B-lay as our Oracle knowledge backbone, recognizing the importance of their most valuable expertise. Otherwise it would have taken us years to take our Oracle services to the same level as our Microsoft services."

Daryl Ullman

Founder Emerset Consulting Group

“Through our partnership with B-lay, Accenture is able to leverage products like Zyncc, that can transform contract and entitlement data into real financial benefits.”

Andre Guerreiro

Managing Director at Accenture

"Developing technological advanced pumping systems is our core business. B-lay has been essential in taking care of our Oracle licensing and helped us not to worry."

Axel Schings

IT Manager at Weir Minerals Netherlands B.V.


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