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Proof of Entitlement for Oracle Software

Proof of Entitlement for Oracle Software

22 jun '17 - Roxana Zegrean

After discussing what is considered Proof of License (PoL) by Oracle, we find it important to elaborate on some documents or sources that constitute a Proof of Entitlement. Although often overlooked by organizations, these Proof of Entitlements are as important as the license agreements, the support renewals or the ordering documents (PoLs) themselves.  

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Roxana has started working in the Software Licensing industry recently, performing license compliance analyses in our contract analyses team.

She has a background in Law and Communication and she is eager to contribute to the licensing community by sharing best practices and insights on License Compliance issues and SAM in a friendly, non-technical language. In doing this, Roxana aims to  bridge the gap between technical and non-technical audiences.

Roxana holds a bachelor’s degree in Law and a master degree in Communication.

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