End User Testimonial - Qualogy

28 jul '10 - Mark van Wolferen

"Thanks to b.lay we could add real value to our service delivery and increase customer satisfaction. Their practical and hands on approach took our DBA team to the next knowledge level in Oracle licensing."

Pieter Kranenburg

Account Manager at Qualogy

Practial and hands on Oracle training for database administrators (DBAs). Case details:

  • What?
    B.lay delivered an Oracle licensing training at Qualogy to develop the knowledge of their onsite DBA consulting team in order to improve customer service.
  • Why?
    Qualogy wanted their DBAs to be aware of the potential impact of Oracle’s licensing rules, them being responsible for installing database software.
  • Benefits?
    DBAs got the opportunity to understand the logic behind Oracle’s licensing. They now are able to highlight to customers the importance of paying much more attention to Oracle licensing challenges.

Are You Oracle DB 12c Aware?

Implementing Oracle Multitenant can have large benefits, but it also affects licensing. Ensure a smooth transition by knowing licensing implications beforehand.

Are You Oracle DB 12c Aware?